Port Covington What?

The Port Covington Project is a $5.5 Billion development project right here in Baltimore. The project has been controversial from the start and the public has demanded for this project to be different than past Baltimore development, especially with the $660 Million in a public increment financing package. No longer should we allow development in our city to leave behind those who live in Baltimore.

Baltimore is in need of development that can provide economic opportunity for the people who live in Baltimore. Yet, even after a Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) and Memorandum of Understanding has put into place, the developers at Port Covington are still hiring contractors that have a history of wage theft and worker misclassification.

Port Covington is a development plan that can make a difference. We demand that actions be taken to remove these bad actors and create opportunity for those who need it!

Port Covington Who?

Port Covington developers have hired controversial Baltimore figure Kevin Johnson and his company Commercial Interiors to work on this project. Commercial Interiors has a history of hiring Labor Brokers on their jobs who misclassify workers and steal their wages. In one case the Labor Broker Sergio Blanco, stole wages and forced employees to pay $200 a week to him to keep their jobs. Sergio served jail time and paid $50,000 in restitution. Kevin Johnson and Commercial interiors still have not taken any steps to help the workers they allowed to be victimized. That is just part of doing business for them. Now they are on the Port Covington Project profiting on another Baltimore project. Why should they be the ones to profit?

Port Covington Why?

Baltimore needs answers about the Port Covington Project. Baltimore was promised local and diverse workers would be on these projects, but even if they are is there any protections for them.

  • Why is there no local hiring enforcement?
  • Why is there no responsible contractor language?
  • Why is Commercial Interiors, known for utilizing labor brokers, on the job?
  • Why is Baltimore not doing more?